Extreme resolution target, 1951 USAF from group 4 to group 11, element 6. (Group 11 elements 4, 5, & 6 included, but not guaranteed). Mounted in a microscope slide, suitable for challenging research grade microscope objectives including oil immersed NA/1.4.  Chrome bars plated on quartz background, about 1,000 angstroms thick. The chrome plating is very durable. Mounted in a red-anodized, aluminum, microscope slide, 25x75x1mm.

Product Summary

· Manufactured by: Ready Optics Company

· Tests  to 137 nanometer resolution.

· High Contrast Chrome on Quartz Glass

· Conforms to 1951 US Air Force MIL-STD-150A

· Starts at Group 4, Element 1; (31 micron spacing)

· Ends at Group 11, Element 6 (137 nanometer spacing)

·  Incoming inspection of OEM microscope objectives.

· Validate microscope servicing to end-users.

· Validate that microscope setup is good.

· Validate New or Serviced Microscope Quality

· Calibration of Cover Slip Adjustment Rings

USAF Pattern
Highest Spatial Frequency Group 11, Element 6 3,650 cycles per millimeter http://readyoptics.com/index_files/Page848.htm
Lowest Spatial Frequency Group 4, Element 1 16 cycles / mm http://readyoptics.com/index_files/Page848.htm
Smallest Bar Width Group 11, Element 6 137 nanometers http://readyoptics.com/index_files/Page848.htm
Largest Bar Width Group 4, Element 1 31.2 microns http://readyoptics.com/index_files/Page848.htm

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Extreme USAF, Microscope Resolution Target

  • Brand: Ready Optics
  • Product Code: 2015a USAF
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  • $900.00

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